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Zentangle Sampler by m0rg3n Zentangle Sampler :iconm0rg3n:m0rg3n 1 0 St. Paddy's Day Zentangle by m0rg3n St. Paddy's Day Zentangle :iconm0rg3n:m0rg3n 0 0 Minion Under Mistletoe (Yule Gift) - Sketch by m0rg3n Minion Under Mistletoe (Yule Gift) - Sketch :iconm0rg3n:m0rg3n 1 0 Slytherin Chibi - WIP by m0rg3n Slytherin Chibi - WIP :iconm0rg3n:m0rg3n 0 0 fade to black by m0rg3n fade to black :iconm0rg3n:m0rg3n 3 0 Le Cour De La Mere b and w by m0rg3n Le Cour De La Mere b and w :iconm0rg3n:m0rg3n 11 6 Le Cure De La Mere by m0rg3n Le Cure De La Mere :iconm0rg3n:m0rg3n 7 0
Tears Always and Only for You
Tears Always and Only for You
Krystin Morgenstern
I’m tired of a world full of light
I want a world full of tears, spite
And I want it to rain on me
‘Cause then no one could see
All the tears in my eyes
My tears always and only for you
I want to crawl deep into a cave
Bury all we had in a shallow grave
‘Cause it’ll never be the same
Even if that’s not what you claim
‘Cause we can’t erase the times I cried
My tears always and only for you
Because everything is wrong now
I don’t know what I’ve done, how
Or how to erase everything we said
And all the ideas you’d put in my head
So in the end I cried myself to sleep
My tears always and only for you
I’ll hold a funeral for you and me
Remember all that we used to be
Before you wised up and saw you were wrong
And left me here singing a slow, sad song
Weeping while you wondered why
My tears, as always, were only for you
:iconm0rg3n:m0rg3n 0 2
Bubbles by m0rg3n Bubbles :iconm0rg3n:m0rg3n 0 3 Dark by m0rg3n Dark :iconm0rg3n:m0rg3n 0 0 I Spy by m0rg3n I Spy :iconm0rg3n:m0rg3n 2 4 Stop Sign Shilouette by m0rg3n Stop Sign Shilouette :iconm0rg3n:m0rg3n 2 2 a lily by m0rg3n a lily :iconm0rg3n:m0rg3n 3 2
What Else -Forword
"What else? What else was I supposed to do? What else could I do? I tried everything. I did everything I could, everything I knew how. How could I have stopped him?" The tears dripped down _________'s face, moistening her cheeks, reddening her eyes, running her mascara. "He was so determined. I guess he always was. No one could have stopped him. Not even me." She was trying to get rid of the guilt... the sense of responsibility.
_________ sat on his bed. On Jon's bed. She hadn't changed her clothes or showered in days. When she did sleep it was accidental, and even then her sleep was so fitful and filled with nightmares and dreams from which she awoke crying, that it felt as if she hadn't slept at all. Even the mascara running down her cheek had been applied last week. Last week? Had it really been that long? It happened Friday afternoon... and now it was... Thursday night? She looked at the clock on his dresser. 4:38. Friday morning.
It only made her want to cry all the more. Jack Ske
:iconm0rg3n:m0rg3n 1 3
Give Up Letting Go
Give up letting go
There's nothing you can do
To kill the pain inside - you
Give up letting go
Its useless, you should know
Trying to kill the pain - inside you
Give up this hopeless Quest
Give up your foolishness
This pain will never leave your heart
This face will never leave your mind
:iconm0rg3n:m0rg3n 1 0
Fire And Ice by m0rg3n Fire And Ice :iconm0rg3n:m0rg3n 2 0

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dont get drunk-Drink by blkdevlcrs dont get drunk-Drink :iconblkdevlcrs:blkdevlcrs 1 8 tears by blkdevlcrs tears :iconblkdevlcrs:blkdevlcrs 2 15 love by blkdevlcrs love :iconblkdevlcrs:blkdevlcrs 2 7 Tilly, Morgen, and R+ by blkdevlcrs Tilly, Morgen, and R+ :iconblkdevlcrs:blkdevlcrs 2 14 Aris and Dark by blkdevlcrs Aris and Dark :iconblkdevlcrs:blkdevlcrs 1 0 cat by blkdevlcrs cat :iconblkdevlcrs:blkdevlcrs 2 1 breathe again by blkdevlcrs breathe again :iconblkdevlcrs:blkdevlcrs 1 8 dark and me by blkdevlcrs dark and me :iconblkdevlcrs:blkdevlcrs 1 2 cut out by blkdevlcrs cut out :iconblkdevlcrs:blkdevlcrs 2 1 girl by blkdevlcrs girl :iconblkdevlcrs:blkdevlcrs 1 0
Someday Maybe - Chapter I
This is a story about Maybe.  She lived in the small town of Nowhere on the outer edge of Somewhere, the big metropolis.  She started out with a life that many people would find simple and satisfying.  Suspended in amniotic fluid, all you can eat buffet, playing Bounce In the Belly were just a taste of the perks she had, all which were stripped away from her the moment she was born.  Maybe belonged to a big family by our standards, and I mean humungous.  People just don't have this many children, but the Fringe was teeming with children and so was the squalid overhang that Maybe's siblings sometimes piled under to sleep.  Though none were like Maybe.  There was no one in Nowhere like Maybe or even in the Fringe.  She had five fingers on each hand and five toes on each foot which was extremely wasteful and greedy for a Fringe child.
Most Fringe children were dark and dingy like the desert soil with hardy bon
:iconjwules:jwules 2 15
i remade this one by nirvanafreakette i remade this one :iconnirvanafreakette:nirvanafreakette 1 8 Stairs and Roses by mti Stairs and Roses :iconmti:mti 1 2
The Restoration Of Order
Forethoughts on Restoring the Order
It is interesting that when a woman has power, a man wants to take it, has to take it.  It is interesting when a woman wants power, she has to take it and most often she must deceive to accomplish this goal.
A man must claim and prove himself adequate to what he is.
A woman must usurp and prove herself something "all," lest she prove herself something "unnatural", something "else", an else that belongs in a ring with freaks, the basest place where that counterpart even still rules.
Restoring the Order
This one's unruly,
She is a shrew,
This one's rebellious,
she will grow up,
Settle down,
Grow out of it,
Settle in,
To the mold.
Stubbornly, "Fire and hammer into position!"
She resists, pushes, and pulls,
Final effort against conforming submission.
Spill herself everywhere!
A gasping struggle to thin herself into vapor
With eternal resolve to choke
The life from her crafter,
A daring to become
The invisible agent
Wielding justice with molecul
:iconjwules:jwules 1 12
This is Neverland by shirotsuki This is Neverland :iconshirotsuki:shirotsuki 4,190 477


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I'm back, motherfuckers! <3

Current Residence: In my office, probably sketching.
Shell of choice: ... coconut..?
Favourite cartoon character: Hello Kitty, or Kuromi!
Personal Quote: Everything you want is on the other side of fear.



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